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Welcome to my Fine Art Blog

Artist/Photographer Douglas A Werner

Gleaming like Pearls are these Testimonials!

Please, take a look at some of my Fine Art Photography.

These are some examples of some of the Fine Art that I have to offer.


What our customers are saying.

  • Brian Vaughn

    Accelerating is the work of AphotoApicture, and the Artist is very articulate with the art that he creates

    - Brian Vaughn
  • Fiona Staples

    AphotoApicture Fine Art the brilliant work of, and artist who loves through the captivating art that he developes.

    - Fiona Staples
  • Matt Fraction

    Douglas has a unique style, and the way he works with color is astonishingly brilliant.

    - Matt Fraction
  • Rick Remender

    You can trust to have some energizing work of art. I encourage you to check it out, you won’t be disappointed with what you will see.

    - Rick Remender

My Blog

My Newest Work

My Newest Work

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This is my newest work from this fall, taken in early October. It took some climbing to get up to this spot that allowed me to click this photo. I hope you like it, take care now always, from

My Photography

My Photography

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Grateful, that I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an Artist. Now I live daily in that dream, walking, talking, working, and I enjoy being able to create art with a daily desire to create more. Don’t ever lay down that dream and if you have please pick it back up so you […]

Some Love and Happiness

Some Love and Happiness

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Let go of Fear and you will find Love! Love and you will find Happiness!

About the Artist

“Artist” “Photographer” “Author” “Fashion Designer”

Hopefully this is not about the Me, surly it should be about the Artist/Photographer that I have evolved into being.

Just chasing that dream down the road I go, up the mountains, through the fields, across the rivers, over the lakes and into the cities with my camera in hand.

Spring rain, summer heat, autumn changing weather, winter snow, slippery slopes, falling rocks, blazing sun, knee deep snow, high altitudes, deafening silence, onward I go chasing that dream.

With my backpack on full of camera gear, my lunch plus dinner water to and a good compass. Two things you cannot ever forget is your bear spray on your side within reach of your hands plus a very big knife. This will keep you safe from the attack of the Grizzle bear or a Mountain lion or even a Wolf. You take a deep breath, then it all begins you step into the unknown where no man has ever gone, still in search of that dream, just one more photo for you my friend.

I have done it “all” for you my friend, just so you can see all that I have seen. The wonder, the beauty, the breath taking views, the excitement of the unknown, the dead still quiet, the howling wind, the rushing rivers, the roaring waterfalls, the peace with its tranquility, blue sky fresh air and then it stops time to head back before darkness arrives.

Really, it is all about you. I have spent hours, days, months, years just searching for that special picture to take. A lot of my life has gone into taking pictures, editing photos, lots of training, reading studying, lots of camera gear and software to buy just to get that awesome shot that picture that photo. And really it has been all for you to enjoy, to see, to have and to mount that special picture that one of a kind that photo you love so much on your wall my friend.

You see it is not all about me, but it is really all about you!

My “desire is to share all my art my photos with you and the world!

With Love, Douglas A Werner